Yesterday, super GM Pentala Harikrishna from India made one of the most incredible comebacks in chess history at the 2006 Chess Classic Mainz. After losing to German GM Arkadij Naiditsch 3.5 – .5 on the first day, he won all four games on the second day to win the match 4.5 – 3.5!!

In the match between the legendary GM Hort and GM Portisch, they fought to a 4 – 4 tie. Hort won the tie-break 1.5 – .5.

These are great events and very entertaining. The only curious part about these matches is the titles:

– Chess960 senior world championship
– Chess960 junior world championship, etc.

A few years ago, we also had the Accoona Women’s World Championship. What do you think? Does this mean that anyone can organize a World Championship? Do you agree with the use of the title World Championship in this fashion?
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