Round 10 matchups:

#15 France – #5 USA (Women)
France offers the strongest line up – I. Krush is sitting out this round for the US

4.1 IM Skripchenko Almira 2423 – WGM Zatonskih Anna 2433
4.2 WGM Leconte Maria 2345 – WGM Goletiani Rusudan 2371
4.3 WGM Milliet Sophie 2330 – WGM Baginskaite Camilla 2299

#5 France – #7 USA (Overall)
Both teams put their top players

2.1 GM Bacrot Etienne 2708 – GM Kamsky Gata 2671
2.2 GM Lautier Joel 2682 – GM Onischuk Alexander 2650
2.3 GM Fressinet Laurent 2633 – GM Nakamura Hikaru 2664
2.4 GM Bauer Christian 2638 – GM Ibragimov Ildar 2637

I just landed at LAX and do not have the details but I was informed that USA tied France 2-2 and 1.5-1.5 in both matches! That means that both US teams are falling further back from the medal race.

Update: Bacrot defeated Kamsky and Ibragimov defeated Bauer. Onischuk and Nakamura both drew. On the women side, Goletiani won, Baginskaite lost and Zatonskih drew Skripchenko.

Russian men’s team defeated Ukraine 3-1. Armenia defeated China 2.5-1.5. The Russian women defeated Bulgaria 2-1 (Kosteniuk lost to Stefanova while the Kosintseva sisters carried Russia again. What a performance by Tatiana Kosintseva!). Ukraine women defeated Georgia 2-1 to maintain the 1/2 point lead.
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