Women’s Olympiad:

Bulgaria BUL 19½ – 23 Ukraine UKR
Georgia GEO 20 – 22½ Russia RUS
China CHN 20½ – 19½ Greece GRE
India IND 19½ – 19 Romania ROM
USA 19 – 19 Slovenia SLO
France FRA 19 – 19 Armenia ARM

Ukraine continues to lead the Women’s Olympiad over Russia. These 2 teams will most likely end up with Silver and Gold. The question will be which order. The race is now for the Bronze as Gold and Silver are likely out of reach for most other teams. Another thing to point out is Ukraine is 10-0 in match score, the only team in both Olympiads to achieve this!

Overall Olympiad:

Armenia ARM 29 – 26½ Czech Republic CZE
China CHN 27 – 26 France FRA
USA 25½ – 26½ Russia RUS

Unless there is a total collapse by Armenia, they will end up with the Gold. The big race is now for the Silver and Bronze. John J. from Orlando pointed out that Armenia has lost a total of 2 games in 10 rounds (40 games played). 2 of their players performed over 2800, 1 over 2700, 2 over 2600 and 1 over 2500! That is quite a team performance!
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