That wasn’t pulp fiction, it was chess research! 
Posted: 12/05/2012 06:33:00 AM EST

Kudos to you for a marvelous article about the Wachusett Chess Club, published Monday!
As a member of that club for 37 years, I was quite pleased to see recognition given to the efforts of George Mirijanian, its director, and all of the other members.

The Sentinel & Enterprise used to publish a weekly chess column, which was outstanding. The chess community misses that column. It was always well-received by chess players, and even among nonchess players it was eagerly read for news of friends and relatives who play the “Royal Game.” This article filled the void. Thank you! 

One small correction: A reference was made to me, which said, “The only woman present, buries herself in a pulp novel.” Not so. As an avid chess player I’m eager to improve my game, and my ever-present reading material is a paperback book of chess position puzzles. 


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