The good news and bad news on Election Day – The view from a non-political person
By Paul Truong

The good news is Election Day is finally here. No more disgusting commercials with full of lies and innuendos, not for at least another few years. That is it. That is all the good news I have.

The bad news is our country is kind off screwed no matter who wins because we are more divided than ever. I do not believe either candidate can heal this country. At best, they will be the President of only 50% of the population.

So many people stopped communicating with each other. They no longer listen or try to understand opposing views. We live in an era where so many have mastered the art of insult within 140 characters.

In chess, you need to be able to assess the position in front of you objectively and correctly. This is why I find it repulsive to hear people viciously attack one candidate while saying the other is a Saint who can fix everything.

Have you seen the many commercials where President Obama and the First Lady viciously trashed Hillary Clinton in 2008? Have you heard all the brutal words many in the Democratic Party used against her? All of a sudden, she is now the most honest, most competent, and most qualified candidate in US history? Seriously? Have you lived in a cave in the past 20-30 years?

Did you hear what Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan and others said about Donald Trump? They wanted people to believe that he is the most revolting individual who ever ran for office. All of a sudden, they want us to vote for him because he can make America great again? Give me a break.

If you believe that either candidate is a Saint or is highly qualified to effectively run this country then you should cut down on the Kool-Aid and go see a psychiatrist immediately.

As an objective person, my conclusion is these are two of the worst choices in recent history of the United States. The other 3 third party candidates are not much better when it comes to qualifications. Out of 330+ million people in the U.S., this is the best we can do?

But just as in a chess game, you have to assess things properly and make the best possible move, or at least one which is the least damaging if there is no good move. And so I stood in line before 7 am and voted for the best of the horrendous choices. There are so many problems, from jobs / economy, national security, to health care, etc. I pray that our next President will at least try to set this country on the right path.

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