One year ago, so many chess fans were saying that my sister Judit didn’t belong at the World Championship in San Luis. Some wanted Ivanchuk to be there. Others wanted Shirov. In that tournament, Topalov ran away from the field. He got fans from everywhere. Most were cheering for Topalov to win every game. Some even considered him the greatest ever! He became a global hero.

One short year later, many of the same fans want to chase Topalov out of this planet. On the other hand, some want to hail Judit as the next World Champion because of the last 4 games at Essent.

Sometimes, I follow the games on ICC or playchess under an anonymous handle. I did that a few days ago and saw how some fans arming themselves with Fritz or Junior shouting “Topalov blundered” in the endgame against Sokolov. Why? Because Fritz and Junior said so. Most grandmaster could probably tell you in one second that the position was a theorical draw.

As I said many times on this blog, things are not always what they seem to be. There are always two sides of every story. While I am glad that the chess fans are so passionate about this sport, please try to respect everyone and please hold back the insults. Please feel free to express your opinions. But attacking and insulting posts will be deleted. Just in case if I miss a really bad post, please feel free to let me know. Let’s make this blog more enjoyable for everyone! Thank you!
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