Odessa, Ukraine chess TV program. The 1st installment

by GM Mikhail Golubev

Our new chess TV program was on TRC Krug (one of the leading TV channels in the Odessa region, Ukraine) on 23 November 2012. This program (20,5 min long Video; language – Russian) has already been posted by TRC Krug on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phDFCXX7-T0 and at the company web site: http://krug.com.ua/news/17556 

As a guest, in the final part of the program, I spoke a lot about women’s chess: what I think about this phenomenon. 😉 It was planned that there would have been another guest in the first program, but as it happened, I had to substitute for the originally invited person, who had some urgent issues to solve.

Before that, there is a [really] short history of women’s chess, in pictures. (In particular, the former Odessa players who became the World, European, US, Israeli female chess champions are mentioned in the pictorial/historical part, there are also various pictures from the Odessa “living chess” spectacles in 2000s with Nona Gaprindashvili and other Odessa guests).

The program begins with the recent winning game by GM Viacheslav Eingorn (played in the Bavarian Open Championship), which is analysed by FM Ivan Yurkovskiy (the program host; ELO 2303) and the young player Maxim Snegurov, the Odessa U-8 and U-10 chess champion.

We hope to make many more programs, albeit we have to improve the general format. In future, there will be other guests in the programs.

We are asking for your feedback. In particular: which chess games are  better to show on the mainstream TV? Is Eingorn’s winning game too short? Too long? Too simple? Too complicated?

Please share your thoughts and contact me at: gmi@europe.com Or: http://www.facebook.com/mikhail.golubev / http://twitter.com/mikhail_golubev

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