By Presidential Proclamation

October 9
National Chess Day in America


You can be a part of it!

October 9, 1976, President Gerald Ford, the nation’s thirty-eighth president, declared National Chess Day. As we approach that date, and the 30th anniversary of its inception, we would encourage state and local clubs to commemorate the day in some way, perhaps with a tournament or an educational program about chess in their communities.

Interestingly, National Chess Day began in South Carolina. It was created by the late Bill Dodgen, who was President of the South Carolina Chess Association for a number of years. It was originally a state chess day in South Carolina, but Bill quickly expanded it to a nationwide effort, and was appointed National Chess Day Chairman. Bill’s idea was to encourage local and state chapters to organize events to bring in beginners and others who played chess but had not joined USCF.

We can continue Bill’s vision by establishing special tournaments, community awareness events, and even contacting our local media. This is a great opportunity to expand Chess Awareness.

After your National Chess Day event, be sure to email any articles or information to Chess Life editor Daniel Lucas, Photos are also appreciated. Posted by Picasa

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