The final round is absolutely wild. Diamant surprised Yang right out of the opening. This caused him to spend a lot of time trying to hold a difficult position. At the end, Diamant successfully converted his advantage for a full point.

Esserman has no chance for norm but it does not stop him from going all out against Naroditsky. He sacrificed a piece to create a dangerous attack. Naroditsky had to give back some materials and now they are in an R and opposite color B endgame with Esserman up a pawn.

Even with Black, Aleskerov went all out against Bykhovsky. If it works, it would be a brilliancy but it is not meant to be.

Naroditsky held but it is not enough for a GM norm but enough to tie for 1st with Kuljasevic.

Altounian vs. Kuljasevic was a positional struggle throughout the entire game. Neither was able to do much and the game ended in a draw with R+B+P vs. R+B.

March 16 9:30am
Final round 9

Diamant 1-0 Yang
Esserman 1/2 Naroditsky
Altounian 1/2 Kuljasevic
Bykhovsky 1–0 Aleskerov
Sipos 1-0 Kleiman

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