Why the double standard for Men and Women?

From ESPN Interview: Viswanathan Anand. five-time world champion dwelt on what he described a ‘pleasant and memorable experience’ during the 2000 World Championship, asserting that it’s largely a personal decision of players. “People may have political reservations and that’s their opinion. Personally, it’s a place that holds some of my best chess memories. The organizers were exceptionally nice to us and Aruna (wife) didn’t mind wearing the hijab at all. My focus was solely on winning the title,” he told ESPN.

I do not remember anyone demanded him to boycott or called him names because he decided to play and won. My question is why the double standard? Anand is a multi-millionaire. No one questioned him for competing. Most if not all of the 64 female players who qualified for the 2017 Women’s World Championship are poor. This title can change their lives on many levels. Why are they being attacked and insulted for choosing to compete?

Humpy Koneru and Harika Dronavalli are also both India. They played in Iran before in the Women’s Grand Prix without incident. They said the do not mind wearing the headscarf, just as Aruna, Anand’s wife? Why did they receive criticism and insults for doing the same thing as Anand?

Again, to make absolutely clear, I am not asking any player to compete or boycott. I only ask the question to try to understand people’s rationale on this issue. I would appreciate it if you can give me your honest opinion with respect for all players, regardless of their positions.

Thank you!



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