Welcome! This site is where I provide chess fans and enthusiasts with updates on my activities and interests as well as important chess news from around the world.

It is also a site where everyone can productively discuss or ask questions about various chess issues! Your comments are welcome! Please try to keep it civil though!

I will provide at least 1 new puzzle daily. Many of these puzzles are original compositions by me. Some will be from famous players.

Every Saturday is “Open Forum” day! You can discuss or ask just about any chess related topic.

I will post “My Weekly Commentary” every Monday.

I update this blog with chess news, important chess information, tournament announcements, tournaments reports and other interesting tidbids between 5-7 times daily. I will update even more frequently if there is a big event like this World Championship.

There are chess players and fans from all over the world visiting this blog daily. Therefore, if you have special chess news or announcements you would like to share with others, you can post them under the comments section or you can email me here and I will post them (if appropriate).

Enjoy and please feel free to post feedbacks on how to make this blog even better for everyone! Thank you for your support!
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