Voting members who receive Chess Life will receive their ballots with the June issue. (It will be a cover wrap around the magazine.) Voting members who do not receive Chess Life, such as additional family members who are 16 or older, will receive their ballots via first-class mail in early June. Voting members who join or renew in May will also receive their ballots via first-class mail in early June.

All told, ballots will have been sent to 39,880 voting members, including 2163 ballots in the supplemental mailing that will go out via first class mail around June 8th. Voting members who have not received a ballot by June 25th should contact Pat Knight at the USCF office to request a replacement ballot.

The ballots will be counted in July. The ballot counting will commence at the USCF offices in Crossville TN on Wednesday, July 25th, under the supervision of the Chief Teller, Frank Camaratta. Any USCF member is welcome to observe the ballot counting. Preliminary results will be released by the USCF office by the 12 USCF regions as those regions are completed.

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Here is more election information.

My vision for a better USCF

Here are the 12 most critical areas which I think must be improved in order for the USCF to grow and prosper.

1. Building a strong membership base via grassroots marketing, promotion and strong structural support for the local clubs, affiliates, organizers, volunteers and supporters. We need to develop a high level or mutual respect and cooperation among these groups.

2. Building a strong membership recruiting plan with excellent incentives for organizations to partner up with us. There are a lot more active players who are NOT members of the USCF than there are USCF members. Many of these players are disgruntled with the USCF. Most do not see the benefits for joining the USCF. This has to change. We must get our message out much better. We must also work with our partners to offer our members and potential members more values and benefits for their money.

3. Building a strong support system for scholastic, college, adult, tournament, correspondence, internet, military and professional players. If there is no strong support and plans to retain scholastic players, it will harm college chess and obviously adult chess will also suffer as we have seen in the past many years. We must also recognize that there are a lot more internet players than we have ever had in the past. But we cannot forget or ignore our correspondence or professional players. Communications and joint efforts are needed with the leaders of all of these membership groups. It is vital to the health of this federation.

4. Building a strong and respectable image and reputation for the USCF. Without this, we cannot get support from state, federal or local government as well as the private sectors. Any of these agencies and organizations can do a background check on the USCF and this is the #1 reason why we keep losing one sponsor after another. We cannot have incompetent and unprofessional people leading this federation. We need to bring in people with proper experience, expertise, energy and passion for chess along with strong records of success.

5. Building a strong, sensible, and cost sensitive marketing, promotion and PR project. It does not have to cost tens and thousands of dollars to be effective. I have proven that with the Susan Polgar Foundation. We get more positive publicity than the USCF with a zero budget. It can be done if we know how. We cannot continue to milk money from scholastic parents or tournament players. It is not working. Too many people are fighting and bickering about dollars and cents while throwing away opportunity to increase substantial revenues through sponsorships, grants and other avenues.

6. Building a sound and fiscally responsible budget with minimal waste. The savings from the inefficiency alone can fund many additional projects to help the USCF. We must build the USCF into a viable organization. This federation is not running at an optimal level right now.

7. Building a strong relationship and partnership with countless other chess organizations nationwide and worldwide. We need to unite to win. Constant political wars and internal feud will only harm chess and the USCF. As a leading federation in the world of chess, we should lead by examples and work with everyone to better our sport.

8. Building a strong relationship and partnership with countless volunteers and supporters to help improve many current weaknesses of this federation. There are plenty of people who are willing, ready and able to help but they are not being utilized properly due to chess politics.

9. Building a strong relationship and partnership with kindergarten, elementary, middle and high schools, as well as colleges and universities across the country to promote chess and education. We also have to work with parents of homeschooled students in addition to organizations which represent these homeschoolers.

10. Building a strong relationship and partnership with countless companies across the country and around the world to promote chess and all its benefits. They want to promote their companies, products or services and we want their sponsorships. It is a win win situation for both sides.

11. Building a strong communication channel with all members, volunteers, supporters and sponsors, etc. We need to get our strong and positive messages out to our people. We cannot continue to hide things behind closed doors and have under the table deals. There have been too much mistrust and animosity because of dubious decisions and actions by various chess leaders in the past. At the same time, we cannot allow reckless and irresponsible behavior by our leaders and/or members without consequence. There should be rules set to protect the USCF and all its members, volunteers, supporters and sponsors.

12. Building a strong business vision and plan. We need to run this federation like any successful and reputable company. All business decisions must make sense financially or it must help this federation in one way or another. We cannot make business decisions as a way to reward our political supporters as being done in the past. This is the formula for failures.

We have the numbers and strength to be a competitive and viable organization. All we need is to take advantage of the opportunities and change our approach to running this federation. Instead of saying why it cannot be done, we have to be willing to sit down and figure out what it would take to make things happen for the best interest of chess and the USCF. It is like a chess game, we must be able to maximize every single advantage and improve every weakness.

We have people who can help and they are running in this Executive Board election. The 4 candidates who can best help the USCF with the 12 points above are:

– Dr. Mikhail Korenman
– Mr. Paul Truong
– Mr. Randy Bauer
– Susan Polgar

The USCF lost money AGAIN! That is 9 of the last 11 years! And the same group of chess politicians want to be elected for another 4 years! If you like way how the USCF operates now then please vote for them.

If you want to see the USCF run by accomplished professionals then the above team can do that job. I ask you to vote for this team because of our expertise, experience, energy, and record of success. We put the best interest of chess first!

Most other candidates do not even have a plan or vision for the USCF. They rely on the old USCF political tactic of attacking, insulting, lying and bashing their opponents on a daily basis. This kind of destructive politics must end and we must focus on the real issues in order to take this federation toward the right direction.

The most important thing is to vote! Let your voice be heard! Together, we can turn around this federation and build it into a strong and viable organization!

Thank you for your support!
Susan Polgar

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