Category 20 Grand Masters’ Tournament – Sparkassen Open World Class Players Compete for the Dortmund Chess Crown

From 23rd June to 1st July 2007 chess will once again reign in the Dortmund theatre. At this year’s Sparkassen Chess Meeting eight grandmasters will compete for the Dortmund title on the stage of the Civic Theatre.

This year’s tournament will be even more prestigious than last year: with 2727 the event will have a rating of Category 20. The eight grandmasters for the 35th International Dortmund Chess Days come from seven different countries, three of the grandmasters will compete in the Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting for the first time.

The field includes:

– Anand
– Kramnik
– Madmedyarov
– Leko
– Gelfand
– Naiditsch
– Carlsen
– Alekseev

Here is the official website.

Who do you pick to win this event?

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