Today’s matchups for US Teams:

#5 USA vs. #9 India (Women) India’s #1 GM Koneru is resting!!!

3.1 WGM Zatonskih Anna 2433 – WGM Harika Dronavalli 2358 1/2-1/2
3.2 IM Krush Irina 2437 – WGM Swathi Ghate 2262 1-0
3.3 WGM Goletiani Rusudan 2371 – WIM Gomes Mary Ann 2239 1-0

US won 2.5-.5! This is an excellent round for the US to stay in the hunt. It is very strange the Humpy is sitting out this round. Without Humpy, India has no chance!

#7 USA vs. #31 Sweden (Overall)

Kamsky and Onischuk are NOT playing!!! I just don’t get this. This was our chance to pick up points and move closer to the top. Now, it looks like the match will end up in a tie (unless Ibragimov can miraculously hold on to a lost endgame) and we will drop even further back!

Update: US team ties for the first time and drops even further back

4.1 GM Nakamura Hikaru 2664 – GM Agrest Evgenij 2570 1/2-1/2
4.2 GM Ibragimov Ildar 2637 – GM Berg Emanuel 2539 0-1
4.3 GM Kaidanov Gregory 2603 – GM Hillarp-Persson Tiger 2524
4.4 GM Akobian Varuzhan 2575 – IM Carlsson Pontus 2433
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