A friendly 2-game 3 0 exhibition blitz match between the winners of the Polgar (Abby Marshall) and Denker (Lopez II, Nelson) events took place right before the closing ceremony took place. This match drew the biggest crowd at the US Open!

Abby was up a piece in a winning endgame with the Black pieces in the first game. However, Nelson was too fast and won on time. Abby had a King and Queen versus King in the second game. Unfortunately, the time ran out for both players and the game was declared a draw.

Here are the top 6 finishers of the Denker event:

1. Lopez II, Nelson M (10)…. NC 2136 5.5
2. Chua, Alexander Ja (1)….. TX 2255 5.0
3. Ju, Evan D (4)…………. NJ 2203 4.5
4. Hughes, Tyler B (5)…….. CO 2186 4.5
5. Yu, Corbin Z (12)………. OR 2076 4.5
6. Goldstein, Brian (14)…… FL 2057 4.5
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