Here are the tentative pairings for round 3. There are 19 players with a perfect score, including all 8 Grandmasters. The big surprises so far have been Conrad Holt (2053), who has 2-0 after beating NM Carl Boor and IM Ron Burnett, and Jennifer Acon (1972), who beat FM Jim Dean and drew with FM Jake Kleiman. Amongst the top rated players, only IM Ben Finegold gave up half a point to FM Michael Langer.

IM Ippolito (2.0) vs GM Becerra (2.0)
GM Ivanov (2.0) vs IM Pruess (2.0)
IM Bercys (2.0) vs GM Perelshteyn (2.0)
IM Bhat (2.0) vs GM Kudrin (2.0)
GM Goldin (2.0) vs IM Bradford (2.0)
IM Robson (2.0) vs GM Yermolinsky (2.0)
GM Kraai (2.0) vs IM Mulyar (2.0)
IM Bonin (2.0) vs GM Fedorowicz (2.0)
IM Friedel (2.0) vs FM Ludwig (2.0)
IM Finegold (1.5) vs Conrad Holt (2.0)
IM Zilberstein (1.5) vs NM Aigner (1.5)
Brad Sawyer (1.0) vs FM Naroditsky (1.0)

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