Three engines share the lead in group 1b of the Top Chess Engine Championship. After 10 rounds Stockfish, Nirvana, and Jonny are undefeated with 8,0/10. The leaders are followed by a large pack of engines at 7,0/10 – Chiron, Naum, Andscacs, and Critter. Similar was the situation in group 1a, bout only after round 5.

The 11th round of the competition starts today and will offer us key battles for the top positions in this unpredictable stage.

Replay the games of Stage 1a / Replay the games of Stage 1b

Round 11 pairings

Fruit – Jonny
Naum – Arasan
Nirvana – Chiron
Jellyfish – Vajolet
Delphil – Firefly
Fire – Andscacs
The Baron – Critter
Gaviota – Stockfish

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