According to Pinnacle Sports, Carlsen is the clear favorite, especially when it comes to betting.

The odds for the World Chess Championship at Pinnacle Sports have 22-year-old Carlsen as the 1.282* favourite to end the eight-year reign of Anand, who is a 3.740* underdog in his own back yard.

What this means for those unfamiliar with betting is that the market thinks Carlsen has approximately a 75% chance of winning, so if the tournament were played 100 times Carlsen would win 75, while the odds give Anand – 21 years Carlsen’s senior – just a 25% chance of retaining his title.

In betting terms Carlsen is a very strong favourite. Should you bet £100 on the Norwegian winning the best of 12 series you would make just £28 profit, while the equivalent bet on Anand would return £274 profit. So what makes Carlsen such a sure thing?


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