Kasparov’s guidance should hold Carlsen in good stead: Karpov
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“To be a champion requires more than simply being a strong player, one has to be a strong human being as well.” Former world champion Anatoly Karpov essayed his chess career, in a manner, true to his own words. In the 1998 World Championship match, Karpov beat Viswanathan Anand through a rapid playoff after the six normal time control games were tied at 3-3 to win the title.

Slamming last year’s match between Anand andGelfand as plain and boring, the Russian great termed it ‘the worst in the post-war era’. He speaks at length about the impending match between Anand and Magnus Carlsen, how the Championship has evolved over time and what Carlsen must be wary of in India. Excerpts:

Who’s your favourite for the world title this time?

The whole world is waiting for this match with great interest and it’s quite clear that Anand and Carlsen are the best players that we have now. Carlsen has already achieved some big victories and great success in his not-so-long chess career. He’s young, and I think he’s in the best age to become world champion. Anand is a very experienced player and world champion for many years already. He also started out young and was known by the time he was 16.

At least I met Anand for the first time when he was around that age. I’m sure he’s well-prepared and very strong. So it won’t be an easy task to beat him, but Carlsen has chances.

How different is today’s World Championship from that of your time?

I played 11 World Championships, and on an average it spanned around 70 days. But now they play it over 20 days. So it’s a lot shorter, and would have seemed like a joke to us then. Since the length and time of the match has been compressed, each day, each minute is more important than it was in our days. So both concentration and tension is higher now.

What would be Carlsen’s biggest challenge in India?

He may have some problems with regard to climate and food. Actually, less of climate, and more in the case of food, so he must be very careful. But this is just besides chess. He must show he’s the best, when it comes to chess and be well-prepared. He has knowledge and working under Kasparov has given him a good understanding I believe, of what a world title match is all about. That it’s absolutely different from anything that he has ever played before.

It has a special character and atmosphere, so he must learn it very keenly because it will be his maiden world title match. Kasparov’s guidance should hold Carlsen in good stead.

One advice you would offer Carlsen

Just make the right estimation of your own strengths and weaknesses, and also that of your opponent.

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