The Knight Before Chessmas

T’was the Knight before Chessmas, and all round the site,

not a troll was stirring, not one forum fight.

The mockings were done, with fun in their minds,

not one forum poster has shown their behinds.

The chess nerds were all tucked away in their beds,

while visions of checkmates danced in their heads.

And Trev’s mom in her teddy sat on my lap,

I knew I was to be active and not take a nap.

When in the chess forum there arose such a fight fest,

over the stupidest question, it gave me such unrest.

About which chess set is best.

They talked sets made of plastic, sets made of stone,

sets made of glass and even made from bone.

They argued ad nauseam why their set was the best.

About the weight and feel and why they passed their test.

Only three out of nineteen posters, promoted sets made from wood.

What with the deforestation, the carbon footprint was not good.

I sulked down in disgust, as no one metioned Jaques of London.

When Forum Mod came, and then the thread was done.

Forum Mod set us straight about such a fight.

He said, “Merry Chessmas to all, and to all a wood Knight.”

Chess poem by Art Watts

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