Jul 07, 2008 – The Effect of Math and Chess Integrated Instruction on Math Scores
John BUKY, Education Consultant

Frank HO, Canada certified math teacher This article is published by The Chess Academy, Chicago, USA, June 2008 Research studies have shown that chess can be used as an effective game-based teaching method. However, all the past studies used chess as a separate instructional tool.

There were no math contents in chess instruction provided and there was no math and chess integrated workbook used. This study examined the effect on pupils’ math scores when a truly integrated math and chess workbook was used as an instructional practice workbook.

The results show that the integrated math and chess workbook significantly increased pupils’ math scores between pre-tests and post-tests among grade 1 to grade 8 pupils. Key Words: math and chess; math and chess instruction, math and chess integrated workbook; math and chess integrated workbook; mathematics scores of the students.

Here is the full article.

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