These days, chess played by computers has reached a new level of precision.

Any desktop computer paired with the latest chess software can beat a human Grandmaster relatively easily.

The goal of TCEC is to provide the viewers with a live broadcast of quality chess, played strictly between computer chess engines created by different programmers.

No humans are involved when the moves are made. Also, TCEC is not an “official” computer world championship event, it is just a private event made available for everyone to watch.

To check it out, you can go to:

All “old TCEC” games can be found in the archive:

All info and explanations can be found in the info page:

Preliminary list of participants can be found in the engine ratings page: 

Season 1 will start within 1-2 weeks. 

The website should work in any browser, however for IE, version 7 or lower are not recommended. 

For all browsers, Javascript must be enabled to view the games. 

ChessBomb has agreed to continue the broadcasts too, so of course you can go there when the first season starts.
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