March 15 4:00pm
Round 8

Kleiman 1/2 Bykhovsky
Aleskerov 0-1 Diamant
Yang 1-0 Esserman
Naroditsky 1-0 Altounian
Kuljasevic 1/2 Sipos

Photos so far:

After 3 hours of intense fighting, Diamant defeated Aleskerov to get back to even score. Aleskerov is officially out of the running for the IM norm. Kuljasevic was pushing hard to capitalize on his position but Sipos played very well to equalize.

In a positional struggle where White had a small edge, Naroditsky came up with an incredible plan to trap Altounian’s Queen. He is now in a tie for 1st with Kuljasevic while keeping his GM norm hope alive. He needs to beat Esserman tomorrow to earn his first GM norm.

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