Anand sets priorities

New Delhi: Viswanathan Anand said on Friday he is not too concerned about the world championship match against Russian Grandmaster Vladimir Kramnik and is only focusing on tournaments like Linares and Corus next year.

“Right now I am focusing more on the first three months of next year than the Kramnik match. That is going to be a big challenge and I will have to train very hard for that,” Anand, here to felicitate the winners of NIIT’s Mind Champions Challenge, said.

The world champion said that children shouldn’t be put under any kind of pressure for the sake of sports.

“To put children under pressure at a young age is a dangerous trend,” Anand said. “It doesn’t help anyone. I don’t think any child should put his or her career at stake for chess or any other sports. There should be always something to fall back upon if you don’t succeed in sports,” Anand pointed out.

In the morning, Anand met the Prime Minister. “We discussed about promotion of sports among school children,” he said.


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