The First Annual Palmetto High School Invitational was held in Clemson, South Carolina, in which the four highest rated active high school players in the state were invited to play in a double round robin over two days, June 21 – 22. The original invitees were: Michael Lauria (rated 1836, and the state’s 2008 Denker Representative), Lintu Ramachandran (1771), Rade Musulin (1673), and Daniel Dodds (1628). Because Ramachandran and Dodds were not able to participate, Kenzie Moore (1497) and Daniel McEachern (1283) agreed to substitute. The final standings are (from left to right in the photo):

Michael Lauria 5.5
Rade Musulin 3.5
Kenzie Moore 1.5
Daniel McEachern 1.5

The winner received a free entry fee for the upcoming South Carolina Open (valued at $70). The other participants received a one year membership in the USCF (valued at $25). These prizes were donated by spectators at the tournament. The tournament was held at Jittery Joe’s coffee shop in Clemson, and the first board for each round was broadcast via DGT board on the South Carolina Chess Association (SCCA) website. Mr. Rade Musulin (father) of Hilton Head (father) organized the tournament, and Dr. Mick Lauria of Clemson directed the tournament.

Report by Mr. David Grimaud, President of SC Chess Association

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