It’s Saturday Open Forum. A lot of things happened in the past week.

– GM Vallejo Pons soundly defeated GM Shirov to advance to Dos Hermanas final.

– My sister Judit will take on Topalov for 4 games at Dos Hermanas today. The winner will face Vallejo Pons in the final.

– The Grand Prix in Baku will begin this Sunday with big names like Carlsen, Mamedyarov, Radjabov, Svidler, Karjakin, Adams, Kamsky, Bacrot, etc.

– The USCF is again in a serious financial crisis. According to the financial head of the USCF, “on a year to date basis we are operating at a loss of $146,512 compared to a budgeted profit of $50,794……looking at our cash position today, we will suffer the consequences of the sale during the slow summer months and maybe for several more months into fiscal 2009.” That is nearly a $200,000 problem. This is what happens when we spend money frivolously while doing virtually nothing to raise revenues. In addition, there is absolutely no focus on marketing and promoting the USCF properly and positively.

SPICE just launched a new website with FREE daily puzzles and FREE Web Chess play.

– The SPF Curriculum / Chess Training Guide for Teachers and Parents is now available for FREE download. Click here to register for a FREE account. After you are registered, click here to go to the FREE download link.

It’s Saturday Open Forum. The forum is yours.

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