It’s Saturday Open Forum. The big chess news from the USCF is the official resignation of Executive Board member Joel Channing, one of the most successful business people to be elected to the Executive Board. I posted about it here. I also posted about my vision for chess in the United States here.

Super British GM Mickey Adams just won the Ruy Lopez tournament in Merida, Spain. Indian GM Sandipan is leading Gausdal with GM Kaidanov trailing by 1/2 point.

FIDE just announced that the bid for the Topalov – Kamsky match has been extended until April 23. The Bulgarians fiercely protested and I posted it about it here.

Last but not least, my weekly Sunday Newspaper Chess Column will debut on April 20, 2008. I will link all the articles right here on this blog as well as on forum.

It is Saturday Open Forum. The Forum is yours. What would you like to discuss?

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Chess Daily News from Susan Polgar
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