Rybka 4 x64 4CPU vs.
Stockfish 1.8 x64 4CPU


Time Control:
120 Minutes For The First 40 Moves
60 Minutes For The Next 20 Moves
15 Minutes For The Rest
+30 Seconds Added Per Move From Move 61

Opening Database: AH-48_Basic_Positions.pgn (24 Positions Used)
CPU: Intel Core i7 920 @ 4050 MHz
OS: Windows 7 Professional x64
Tablebases: 3-4-5 Men Nalimov
Match Length: 48 Games
GUI: Deep Fritz 12
Hash: 2048 MB
Ponder: Off

IE 8 Users Should Use Compatibility View
Javascript Is Required To View The Website Properly
The Broadcast Is Updated Every ~3 Minutes

LIVE Games and Official website: http://home.halden.net/mordor/match/broadcast.php

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