The US Men’s Team defeated Poland by the score of 3-1. Kamsky, Nakamura and Ibragimov won while Kaidanov lost.

The US Women’s Team defeat Romania 2-1. I know Anna Zatonskih and Irina Krush drew on board 1 and 2. Baginskaite won on board 3.

The Russian Men’s Team defeated China 3-1 with wins by Svidler and Grischuk.

India defeated Hungary 2.5-1.5. Anand drew on board 1.

The biggest upset is Turkey over England by the score of 2.5-1.5. Vietnam also upset Moldava 2.5-1.5. Uzbekistan held the powerhouse Ukraine to a 2-2 tie with Kasimdzhanov downing Ivanchuk.

150 year old (or it seems like it) Korchnoi outlasted our friend from Canada Pascal Charbonneau with the Black pieces. Don’t worry Pascal, you can revenge in 15 years. Gosh, I wish I can play chess like Korchnoi when I am his age!

Russia and Armenia are now in the lead with 13.5 points, followed by the Netherlands with 13. The US Men’s team are 2 full point back with 11.5. The US team will play Georgia next.

The Russian Women’s Team crushed the perfect 9-0 Lithuania team 3-0 while China lost to Ukraine by the score of 1-2. Ukraine will face Russia next round while Bulgaria will face USA. Even though the US has won all 4 matches, the problem is the US is already behind Russia by 2 full points.

Our friends from Mexico stunned Latvia by the score of 2-1. WIM Nelly Estrada, winner of the 2006 Susan Polgar National Open Championship for Girls in Corpus Christi is a member of the Mexican National Team. The co-winner of the 2005 Susan Polgar National Invitational Invitational for Girls WGM Anya Corke plays for the Hong Kong Men’s Team and drew a strong GM in round 1. WIM Luciana Morales, participant of the upcoming 2006 Susan Polgar World Open Championship for Girls is playing for the Peruvian National Team.

A few upsets include Turkey over the Czech Republic 2-1, Australia over Serbia & Montenegro 2-1, El Salvador over Norway 2.5-.5, etc. Things are heating up fast! Thanks to everyone for helping with updates!
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