Report on chess cheating by Jon Jacobs:

Chess friends,

At long last, my report on what was said at the Chess Cheating Town Meeting at the Marshall Chess Club earlier this month, is available for viewing. Click here to see the report.

Please accept my apologies for putting nothing out for more than 2 weeks after the (Dec. 4th) event. First my tape recorder malfunctioned leaving me with no recording of what was said; then my real life outside of chess intervened in various ways I won’t bore you with — which until now left me little time to reconstruct and boil down the various speakers’ remarks.

Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge there exists no complete audio or video recording of the event, so there is no Webcast that can be archived. I had contacted various mainstream and chess media organizations figuring that recording and/or broadcasting the meeting would align with their mission; it appears I figured wrong.

Gratitude is due to Bill Goichberg and the other panel members who volunteered their time, and to the Marshall and its president Douglas Bellizzi, for making this event possible. Credit for the idea of holding a public panel discussion about cheating issues belongs to Mr. Bellizzi.

Feel free to post any comments on the appropriate page of the above-mentioned site.

— Jon

I would like to thank Jon for providing this for all chess fans. What do you think about the cheating problem?
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