Red Knights “Lack Direction” Says Shinawatra
Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The bid by a consortiom of high rollers – known as The Red Knights – to wrest control of Manchester United FC from the clutches of the Glazers has been broadly welcomed by the vast majority of United fans, but a note of caution was sounded today by Thicksack Shinawatra, the Thai shopkeeper who claims to be a distant cousin of disgraced former Manchester City owner, Thaksin Shinawatra.

“Red Knight thing lacking in sense of direction,” Shinawatra told us. “It is always same problem with knights. They go two steps forward then one to the side. Or two steps to the side and one step forward. Or one step back and then two to the side. Wait a minute – that’s chess. No matter! Instead of being Red Knights, they should be Red Queens – that way they could move in all directions.”

We pointed out to Mr Shinawatra that Queens, red or otherwise would be an unacceptable term to use in connotation with a leading club in the super macho world of football…

“I see,” nodded Mr Shinawatra. “Okay then, not Red Queens, but not Red Knights either. Both no good. Maybe Red Bulls better. Strong sounding.”


The Red Knights played no part whatsoever in the formulation of this football/chess related story.

More when we unearth a more credible contact.


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