Poker In The Olympics?
By Earl Burton for POKER NEWS DAILY
Posted on January 01, 2009

An English gaming company has recently revived the idea that poker should be an official sport for Olympic competition, but admits that there are other sports which have much better grounds for admission than poker.

On December 27th, the U.K. gaming company announced that, after an aggressive internet campaign, it is trying to have poker added as an exhibition sport for the 2012 London Summer Olympics and achieve full medal status in time for the 2016 Summer Olympics, which will be held in either Chicago, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, or Tokyo. The action came after an announcement in September by the U.K. Advertising Standards Authority that poker could be advertised as a sport. Peter Nolan at said, “Poker’s appeal is global. It transcends gender and age and is the fastest-growing sport in the world. It’s ripe for Olympic recognition.”

…Poker is also not officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). While sports such as bridge, chess, polo, and even the physical education class game Tug of War have accreditation by the IOC as official sports, poker does not.

Here is the full story.

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