Peter Leko

Place of Birth: Subotica, Serbia
Nationality: Hungarian
Date of Birth: 8th of September, 1979
Current FIDE Rating: 2738
Current position in FIDE list: 8th place
Highest FIDE Rating: 2763 (July 2005)
Highest Position in FIDE list: 4th place (6 times)

Most important achievements:

2002: Winner of the Candidates Tournament in Dortmund, Germany
2003: Linares: 1-2 (tied with Kramnik)
2003: Tied 7-7 in the match for the World (unofficial) title against Kramnik at Brissago, Switzerland
2005: Wijk ann Zee: 1st place
2006: Tal Memorial, Moscow: 1-3

Latest results in 2007:

Champion of the World Rapid Chess Cup at Odessa, Ukraine.
Morelia/Linares: 8th place (6/14 points)
Melody Amber, Monaco: 8-9 place (tied with Carlsen)
Rapid Chess Match against Kramnik, at Miskolc, Hungary, Lost 3.5 to 4.5
Candidates Tournament, Elista, Kalmikia: He defeated Gurevich 3.5 – 0.5 and Bareev 3.5 – 1.5 to qualify for the World Chess Championship Mexico 2007

Information from the official website.

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