Levon Aronian

Birthplace: Yerevan, Armenia
Date of Birth: October 6, 1982
Current FIDE rating: 2759
Current position in FIDE list: 5th place
Highest FIDE rating: 2761
Highest position in the list: 3rd (April and July lists, 2006)

Most important achievements:

2002: World Junior Chess Champion (Under 20)
2005: World Cup Winner in Khanty Mansiysk
2006: Morelia/Linares Tournament, first place
2006: Armenia wins the Chess Olympiad with Aronian at first board
2006: Tal Memorial, Moscow, Russia: 1-3

Latest results in 2007:

Corus Tournament (Wijk ann zee): 1-3 (Tied with Topalov and Radjabov)
Morelia/Linares Tournament: 4-5 (Tied with Svidler with 50% performance)
Melody Amber Tournament (Monaco): 4-5 (Tied with Svidler)
Qualifies to the World Chess Championship in Mexico by beating Carlsen and Shirov in the candidates matches of Elista, Kalmikya.

Information from the official website.

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