12. 3. 2010
Karpov announced his candidature for the FIDE president

Today a press conference was held during the visit of the Ex World Champion Anatolij Karpov at the 11th European Individual Men and Women’s Chess Championship in Rijeka. The meeting was attended by Grandmaster and journalist Vlado Kovačević, the president of the Executive Committee Damir Vrhovnik and one of the best chess players of all times Anatolij Karpov. It is important to mention that this conference was transmitted live through the official Championship web site.

The introduction was given by the Grandmaster and journalist Vlado Kovačević who explained the importance of the arrival one of the most important chess figure in the history at this Championship in Rijeka.

Karpov was welcomed by the president of the Executive Committe Damir Vrhovnik who pointed out that it is an exceptional honor and pleasure to host a worldwide famous chess player whose arrival represents a great recognition for the organizers and also for Rijeka and Croatia.

Grandmaster Karpov annonced his candidacy for the president of the World Chess Federation and pointed out that he is ready to use his chess fame around the world. He said that if he became the president, his first step will be the Federation’ reorganization as well as finding a major sponsors that will accoure more efficient FIDE activities. Karpov considers that it is necessary to remove the current negative FIDE image in the world, and that the main thing is to respect our own rules.

He note that by now he founded numerous chess schools and clubs all over the world, and than he recalled the times when he was the world’s leading chess player. On the question of how to restore the old glory of chess, Karpov said that the national federations must highlight the big names of world chess so they could obtain new sponsors.

“I was at Croatia 30 years ago, and the organization of this Championship in Rijeka delighted me. The organizers provided ideal conditions for a large number of players and so I congratulate them for the excellent organization”, Karpov said.


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