Phyllis Benjamin (NYSCA Secretary and GM Benjamin’s Mother) vs. Julie Flammang

Hi Susan,

I thought I’d share the results of the NYS Women’s Championship. I’ve also included some pictures I took on Sunday. I zipped the pictures and will send some on a separate email since I’m not sure about size limitations.

16 ladies competed in this year’s championship. Over half the field was under the age of 21. Elizabeth Vicary accompanied a contingent from IS 318 where she is one of the coaches. The deciding game for the championship came down to coach versus student as Elizabeth Vicary at 2.5 points played her student Darrian Robinson who had 3 points.

Elizabeth won her game, she wasn’t assured a clear first until Alena Kuzniatsova defeated Dolly Teasley who also had 2.5 points going into the last round. 3 players finished with 3 points to tie for 2nd through 4th place.

Along with Darrian and Alena, Rochelle Ballantyne also finished up with 3 points.Tying for Top under 1500 were Julie Flammang, Najeebah Williams, and Jasmine Fermin with 2 points each.

The Marshall Chess Club hosted both the NYS Women’s and Senior’s Championships. Ed Frumpkin, Nick Conticello, and Riley Kellogg directed the two events. A few of the participants were eligible for both the women’s and senior’s events, but all opted to play in the women’s championship.

It was very nice seeing all these girls playing. They play aggressively, and aren’t intimidated by the adults.

Polly Wright
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Thank you Polly for sharing this with us!

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