The 5th North American FIDE Invitational will kick off on April 15, 2007 and conclude on April 21, 2007. The event is being hosted at the Touch Move Chess Center that is owned and operated by IM Angelo Young.

Using the controls to the left you can navigate to see pictures and profiles of the players, pairings for the event, photo’s taken at the playing site, and replay through games. Games will also be available in PGN format for download.

The event is open to the public so we welcome everyone to come out, support the players, and see the equipment provided by our sponsors. We will be featuring the hand crafted, luxurious wooden chess boards and sets donated to us by and the Saitek 2 clocks donated to us by Cajun Chess. Please patron our sponsors to show them your appreciation for their sponsorship of this event. A private benefactor has donated 6 MonRoi Personal Chess Managers and 1 Tournament Manager which will allow us to broadcast the event on the World Databank of Chess. Another benefactor, Chris Bird of the New England Masters tournament series, has provided us with another 4 MonRoi PCM’s for use during our event so we can broadcast all games!

This event is different from our previous ones as there are no norms on the line but instead 5 fresh faces into the world of FIDE chess. 5 top youths from the Chicagoland area will battle it out for intellectual supremacy against each other and 5 top chess masters. At stake – pride and the chance for the 5 youths to gain established FIDE ratings.

Click here to a lot more info about NACA.

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