After a day off, all ten players were energized and every game was decisive.

Volotikin woke up from his sleep in the first four round to soundly defeat Karjakin with the White pieces, his first win of the tournament.

Ponomariov, with the Black pieces, completely outplayed Leon in an even Queen, two minor pieces and symmetrical pawn structure endgame.

Bruzon with the White pieces forgot how to castle against Cheparinov and was severely punished for this. Yes, you have to castle ASAP, even when you are a super GM!

Dominguez soundly gave Nakamura a lesson about good knight versus bad bishop in an endgame. That was painful to watch as Black had little chances for survival even with equal material.

Vallejo Pons on the other hand convincingly pointed out to Felgaer that isolated pawn is usually a very bad idea. Vallejo was rewarded with a tie for first.

After 5 rounds, the standings are:

1-2 3.5 GM Ruslan Ponomariov (22, Ukraine, 2723), GM Francisco Vallejo Pons (23, Spain, 2650)

3-4 3.0 GM Lenier Dominguez (22, Cuba, 2638), GM Hikaru Nakamura (18, USA, 2644)

5-6 2.5 GM Ivan Cheparinov (19, Bulgaria, 2625), GM Sergey Karjakin (16, Ukraine, 2660)

7-8 2.0 GM Lazaro Bruzon (23, Cuba, 2650), GM Andrei Volokitin (19, Ukraine, 2665)

9-10 1.5 GM Ruben Felgaer (24, Argentina, 2607), IM Manuel Leon Hoyos (16, Mexico, 2428)Posted by Picasa

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