Beginning Monday March 5, 2007 @ 6:30pm Central Time, the North American Chess Association and the Touch Move Chess Center proudly present the 4th North American FIDE Invitational.

A field of 10 players will mentally spar over 9 rounds with 7 players competing for their IM norms:

IM Jesse Kraai
IM David Vigorito
IM Angelo Young
FM Mehmed Pasalic (holds 1 IM norm)
FM Florin Felecan (holds 1 IM norm)
FM Albert Chow
Dr. Tansel Turgut
Arjun Vishnuvardan
Gauri Shankar
Robert Loncarevic

If the resources (people) are available to transmit games, they will be relayed on the Internet Chess Club.

This is the 4th event the North American Chess Association has put on. The first event in April 2005 saw IM Ben Finegold earn his 2nd GM norm and FM Jan van de Mortel earn his 3rd IM norm. The second event in January 2006 saw IM Pascal Charbonneau earn his 3rd GM norm. The third event, a monstrous 3 section GM norm event never done before on the North American continent, saw FM Mehmed Pasalic earn his 1st IM norm and IM Giorgi Margvelashvili earn his 1st GM norm.

For information on the 4th North American FIDE Invitational you can go to (yeah yeah I know it’s March but I haven’t gotten around to change the file name or put all of the previous tournaments’ information back up – but the games are available though from the previous tournaments).

Good Chess to All!
Sevan A. Muradian

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