I had a very productive weekend. I met with a number of very important people (non chess politicians) from various chess related companies, universities and organizations, etc., to push the chess agenda forward. A number of agreements were made to help the chess community in the United States and worldwide. Young members will stand to benefit a great deal.

What I was most happy about is ALL these people share the same level of love, passion, enthusiasm and respect for chess. We all understand that we must work together to do the right things for chess. I am also very thankful to receive so much support from the young players, their parents and coaches across the country about my position.

I will do my best to unite all these groups. It is time for us to control our own chess destiny! It is time to put an end to all the ugly and destructive chess politics.

On another note, Dortmund ended with a bang. I am so glad that Kramnik is back. I am looking forward to his match against Topalov. This will be good for chess.

The performance of Morozevich was very exciting! He already qualified for the World Championship in Mexico City in 2007. The rapid improvement of Magnus Carlsen is also great to see! I hope he will continue to excel!

It has been a good week for chess overall!
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