European Blitz Championship 2007: Vladislav Tkachiev wins

In France, he’s called « Mr Blitz ». In Corsica he made honor with his nickname : Vladislav Tkachiev won the European Blitz Championship.

Born in Moscow, raised in Kazakhstan, living now in France, he also took the French Blitz Championship title .

The tournament took place the 25th and 26th April in Aiacciu, at the International Congress Palay. Corsica is again host to a powerful rapid event

340 players. 16 matches of two games in 3min+2s.

Very quickly the tournament was a remote duel between Fressinet and Tkatchiev (the two players having made one one at the time of their confrontations). But among the prosecutors of these two players, combatants such as Karpov, Bacrot , Van Wely, Bareev, Milov, Mikhalevski, Fridman, Mchedlishvili, Jussupow, Guliyev, Cvitan…

What a tournament ! The last straight line is worthy of Alfred of Hitchcok’s films.

Fressinet with 24 points (out of 30 games) in the leader but Tkachiev is just half a point behind . Then comes the last match. Laurent doesn’t manage to contained Mikhalevski while Vladislav inflicts a severe 2 0 to Bareev himself.

Vladislav Tkachiev wins the European Blitz Championship. Second was Laurent Fressinet of France and third the great Anatoly Karpov of Russia.

This year, the European and the French Blitz Championship are a part of the Corsican Circuit.

Let’s go now to Bastia, its theatre and its 100 000 euros!

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