Meeting of the Committee “Chess for the Disabled”

The Committee “Chess for the Disabled” had its first meeting in Dresden on March 21st. The meeting was called by the FIDE Adviser Chess for the Disabled Thomas Luther. Present in this meeting were representatives from the affiliated FIDE organizations IBCA, ICSC and IPCA – Josef Beutelhoff, Holger Mende and Zbigniew Pilimon – and Geurt Gijssen and Stewart Reuben (Rules and Tournament Regulations Commission), Uwe Boensch (Trainers Commission) and Egmont Poenisch (Contact to the Arbiters Commission).

Possibilities of improving the inclusion of players with disabilities into chess tournaments were discussed. Uwe Boensch and Egmont Poenisch will report about this meeting to the commissions. A first FIDE Trainer Seminar with the special topic “Chess for the Disabled” is scheduled to be held in December 2012 at the FIDE Trainer Academy in Berlin.

Proposals were made to revise some Articles of the Laws of Chess, with the intention that disabled players are not been “penalized” for their disability.

The organizer of the First World Chess Games for Disabled (Dresden 2011) – Dirk Jordan – and the tournament director – Yvonne Ledfuss – reported about the event and about the next editions in 2013 and 2015.

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