Editorial: Looking for heroes in all the wrong places
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Article Last Updated: 12/14/2007 02:06:17 AM PST

Thursday’s baseball bombshell was sort of good news for San Francisco Giants fans and anyone else who tried to defend Barry Bonds. Knowing that he wasn’t the only one to cheat makes his steroid use a tiny bit easier to accept. Strike that. Understand, not accept. And the news — sporting news is seldom good news when it makes the front page — may make some of us feel a little better about how we were in denial when we cheered Barry’s record-beating homers. It turns out that a lot of fans in a lot of cities were just as guilty of leaving logic at home when they paid their $48.50 for right-field seats.

But that’s as far as we can stretch the upside. From the larger perspective, the long roster of chemically enhanced ballplayers contained in the Mitchell Report on Thursday was another blow to the national psyche. It was another reason to cash in the season tickets. It was another nudge to buy your kid a chess board instead of a mitt. It was another reminder that we’ve been looking for heroes in all the wrong places.

Pitcher Roger Clemens winning the Cy Young award a record seven times used to signify prowess, virtuosity, even greatness. Now it apparently signifies the ability to be sneaky for years on end. The ability to lie to cheering crowds. He needs to refund every penny he ever charged for an autograph. Charge for autographs? They wouldn’t. They would.

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