Chess tournament with no entry fee and free lunch, certificates, trophies!
Written by content team on 08 February 2009

It is certainly not an easy job to organize a Chess tournament. Organizers need to have enough funds for the tournament hall, furniture, arbiters, man power etc also they need to calculate and plan the expenses, no. of participants accordingly. Chess tournament with no entry fees, free lunch and participation certificates, trophies sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Chess Promoters of Mumbai and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP – a political party in India) successfully organized a chess tournament, a total of 283 Chess players including 32 FIDE rated players from different places participated in All India Free Open Chess Championship. All the players got certificates, trophies and free lunch.

BJP gave away the prizes worth Rs 20,000 as promised. Each and every player got a trophy, Certificate and free lunch. Rahul Ved 2117 stood first. Total entries were stunning 283 with 32 International rated players including Sarvesh Karambelkar, Srinivas Menon, Priyanka Ved, Avinash Prakash, Uday Naik, Aditya Patnaik, etc.

Ravindra Chavan, the former Standing Committee President of Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation was the Chief Guest. The event was a major success!!

The tournament was held on February 1 , 2009 at BJP Bhavan , Swatantryaveer Savarkar Road , Dombivli (East).
Tournament Format :One day Rapid swiss league Buchholz system.
Categories: U-12, U-20, Open
Total No. of Rounds : Maximum 8
Arrival and Inauguration: February 1.2009 at 9 A.M
1st Prize in Open category – Rs 3000
1st Prize in Under 20 Category – Rs 2500
1st Prize in Under 12 Category – Rs 500
Special Prize to School-School having 4 students with maximum points total

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