The AF4C has just decided on the new format for the US Championship. It will be the KNOCKOUT format! And the AF4C will no longer organize the US Women’s Championship. It is now the responsibility of the USCF. Below is the official article about the format:


The 2007 US Championship, organized by America’s Foundation for Chess in cooperation with the US Chess Federation, will consist of 32 players who will play knockout matches. To maximize spectator interest, each match will be broadcast live on the internet and only one or two matches will be held per day. It is expected that most matches will be held in the home area of one of the players, though some may be held elsewhere, such as at major tournaments. Matches may be played online. The final match will be held in Las Vegas.

The first three rounds of KO matches will commence in March, and each match will consist of two games. Each match will be conducted over two days; one game per day. Tie-breaks, if necessary, will also take place on day two.

The fourth and final preliminary round will involve four game matches, possibly played at the US Open. This final round will reduce the field to two players. These two finalists will play a match in Las Vegas in November for the US Championship title.

The rest of the article can be found here.

What do you think? Do you like the knockout format (Internet play possible)?
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