Today, Magnus Carlsen lost with the White pieces to the always dangerous Alexander Beliavsky. But the Rising Stars all but secured the team victory thanks to wins by Karjakin and Smeets.

Mark Crowther from TWIC had this to say:

“Youth almost secured victory with a round to go by going 25-20 up. However the race for the invitation to next year’s Amber tournament available to the best scoring rising star is open again after Carlsen lost and Karjakin won. Carlsen leads by half a point with a round to go. This confirms a trend seen in Carlsen’s career where he has failed towards the end of events when achievement is close (in the recent Norwegian Championships and last year’s Wijk aan Zee tournament are just examples that spring to mind)”

You can read more of Mark’s excellent work here.

Round 9 Results (Aug. 28, 2006)

Carlsen, Magnus – Beliavsky, Alexander G 0-1
Karjakin, Sergey – Jusupov, Artur 1-0
Wang Hao – Andersson, Ulf 1/2
Stellwagen, Daniel – Ljubojevic, Ljubomir 1/2
Smeets, Jan – Nunn, John 1-0

Round 9 Standings:

Rising Stars team: 25 points

1 Carlsen, Magnus g NOR 2675 6.0
2 Karjakin, Sergey g UKR 2679 5.5
3 Wang Hao g CHN 2610 5.0
4 Stellwagen, Daniel g NED 2575 4.5
5 Smeets, Jan g NED 2532 4.0

Experience team: 20 points

1 Beliavsky, Alexander G g SLO 2625 6.0
2 Ljubojevic, Ljubomir g SCG 2551 4.0
3 Andersson, Ulf g SWE 2542 3.5
4 Jusupov, Artur g GER 2617 3.5
5 Nunn, John g ENG 2617 3.0 Posted by Picasa

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