Interview with Georgian GM Jobava Baadur

Hello Baadur. We are happy to see you again in Armenia. Tell us about your emotions. What do you feel after playing two rounds.

Thank you. It’s always a pleasure for me to visit Armenia where I have a lot of friends and I really feel at home here. My 1st round opponent was very tough, and the situation was not clear until the last moment, but in the end, having only a few seconds my opponent made mistakes and I managed to win. As for today’s round I would like to mention that the struggle was not so tough, we made some quick moves and as the position was equal we agreed to a draw. During the next rounds I will try to show more successful games.

What goals have you set for yourself when preparing for this championship?

I have prepared very seriously, I have worked especially on the openings, as well as on the other phases of the game. I have tried to prepare as well as possible.

As far as I know, you live in Ukraine during the last few years. There are also a great number of Ukrainian chess players participating in the championship and I am sure you are all mentally there with your families and relatives. In your opinion, what is the best way out of this situation?

Yes, now I live in Ilyichevsk, Ukraine. It is a very popular and modern city and has over 60.000 population. I first visit Tbilisi before coming to Yerevan, and stayed there for a few hours, but managed to see my parents, my brother and the next morning I came to Yerevan. As for the other part of your question, I would say that the situation in Ukraine is really very complicated, great changes are taking place in the country. The only thing I want is to solve the situation without war and blood.

What would you like to change in chess politics if you have such an opportunity?

You know, it is difficult to say. We, chess players, should raise our concerns about problems, and the FIDE authorities should try to find solutions. For example, I would really like there were more open tournaments besides extra-class tournaments which are not easily accessible. Of course we should appreciate the great number of investments and the huge work done by Kirsan Ilumjinov for the development of chess. I think my suggestion concerning the tournaments would also promote the development of chess, and many people will be satisfied with this fact.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to me.

Thank you too. The statistics shows that I always play well in Armenia. Hope this tournament won’t be an exception (he laughs).


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