In the past few years, I must have gotten thousands of questions about:

– How do I get the media to cover my tournaments or events?
– How do I get my children’s school to add chess as part of the curriculum or after school program?
– How do I obtain sponsorship for my tournaments, events or school teams?
– How do I get colleges and universities to give chess scholarships?
– How do I get my local city or state to support chess?

These are just some of the many questions about Chess Marketing, Promotion and PR.

Therefore, I decided to conduct a FREE seminar to help everyone in these areas. The first seminar will be held in Las Vegas this Saturday at the National Open at 2 PM. Everyone is welcome.

We cannot continue to milk money from the tournament players, parents of scholastic players or poor college players. We need improve the Marketing, Promotion and PR aspect of chess which will bring in a lot of media attention, sponsorship opportunities and revenues.

There is a specific formula that needs to be followed in order to succeed. And that is why I asked Paul Truong, the #1 chess marketing, promotion and PR person in the US, to be my guest for this special session.

In addition, we will do a few radio shows about the same topics on ICC. I will let you know the date and time as soon as I have it.

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