Both candidates and their tickets now have their websites in full gear.

For the Right Move Group, headed by businessman Bessel Kok, it is

For FIDE, headed by the current FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, it is

Both candidates and their teams have different strengths and weaknesses. Karpov recently commented on the election here Do you agree with him?

There are three major issues that are very dear to my heart:

1. Women’s Chess: We need to restore credibility to the Women’s World Championship cycle. Women’s Prize Funds must improve since I firmly believe that women can play a very big role in promoting chess. There is something wrong when the top 3 rated women players (Judit, myself and Xie Jun) do not bother to compete in the Women’s World Championship. If there are $1 – $2 million on the table for the Women’s World Championship, let’s see how many of the best in the world would compete.

2. Corporate Sponsorships: We can do a better and more efficient job in this field. No matter which team will win, FIDE must bring in professionals that can do this job. Good Marketing and PR is vital to the future of chess worldwide. We need to do a better job to market our stars.

3. Global Scholastic Chess: Chess is booming globally. However, there are still a lot of room to grow. Chess and Education is my passion.

I will continue to push these issues full steam ahead. I will personally request a face to face meeting with the winning party to discuss these very important issues for the sake of our chess community. Posted by Picasa

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