On the International Chess Day, July 20, National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (NRU MGSU) hosted Moscow Blitz Cup dedicated to the 70th Anniversary of NRU MGSU President Valery Telichenko.

Organizers: Chess Federation of Moscow with the support of a joint-stock company Vector Capital Partners. Tournament’s director: Zarif Safoev. Chief Arbiter: IA Artem Akhmetov.

The competition included three events (Moscow Blitz Cup, Cup of Ministry of Construction Industry, Housing and Utilities Sector of Russia (Minstroy), and a team tournament among building organizations), as well as a simultaneous exhibition with GM Alexander Zlochevskij.


NRU MGSU Rector Andrey Volkov, NRU MGSU President Valery Telichenko, RCF President, FIDE Vice-President Andrey Filatov, the 12th World Champion Anatoly Karpov, President of Oboronstroy Association Sergey Borisov, RSSU Vice-Rector for educational work Andrey Nekipelov, and Director General of a joint-stock company Vector Capital Partners Yuri Dorozhkin greeted participants and guests at the opening ceremony.

The rating favorite of the Moscow Blitz Cup Sergey Karjakin and a young chess star Misha Osipov took part in the drawing of lots. After the opening ceremony, Anatoly Karpov and Misha Osipov played an exhibition game: the 12th World Champion won.

More than 150 chess players participated in the main event. GM Ernesto Inarkiev won the Cup having scored 8.5 points out of 9. GMs Daniil DubovAlexander Morozevich, and IM Vladimir Seliverstov are half a point behind. According to the tie-break, Dubov is second, while Seliverstov is third.

Vladimir Litus won the Cup of Minstroy – 6.5 points our of 7. The second is Zarif Safoev with 5.5 points. Andrey Zlotnik won the bronze medal with 5 points scored.

The representatives of a joint-stock company Vector Capital Partners (Anatoly Karpov, Evgeni Vasiukov, Sergey Kishnev, and Igor Berdichevsky) won the team tournament. The Ostankino team is second, while LLC Gidropromstroy is third.


Photos by Eteri Kublashvili

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